Tips For Cheerleaders: How To Study And Maintain Your Grades

by omni

Being an athlete and a student can be a tough balancing act, but with a little discipline and a lot of dedication – and these tips – you can rock your cheer season and keep your GPA high! Separate studying from doing homework. Doing homework refers to an immediate assignment, and studying refers to a long-term plan to have a solid understanding of a topic. Make it a point to find time to study every day (or at least several times a week). Consistent studying will help you complete assignments faster be better prepared for tests – without having to have a stressful, last-minute cram session! Minimize distractions. While it may be necessary to study with a friend or a group sometimes, if you find that more time is spent goofing off than getting work done – you need to consider studying by yourself. You’ll also want to turn your phone and television off until you have competed your assignment or finished studying. Stay committed. Don’t let a busy schedule, writer’s block or difficult projects get you bogged down. Reach out to a teacher, a mentor or your parents to help you if you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes just talking about something can help you get inspired! Keep yourself organized. If you aren’t constantly looking for something that is misplaced, or stressing about something you think you’ve forgotten about, you’ll have more time to work hard (and enjoy some down time!). Keep assignments and football/ basketball games scheduled in an organizer or on your cell phone, and include personal events and plans as well. If you can manage your belongings and your time, this school year will be a breeze! Go to class, and pay attention. You have to meet attendance standards to be on the cheerleading squad at your school , but just because you are in class doesn’t mean your mind is there. Make it a point to focus on the lessons – you’ll be surprised how much your brain can retain and recall when you have to do homework or take a test. Don’t wait until the last minute. Most teachers give you plenty of notice before a project is due. Don’t sit on it until the night before the deadline. Spend a little bit of time working on it a couple nights a week and you’ll find that you can complete it with no stress! Choose brain food. Instead of getting all hopped up on sugar and caffeine, try picking healthy snacks that will actually fuel your energy and brain power. Try whole grains, peanut butter, milk! Stick to a consistent sleeping routine. If you follow the other tips there should be no reason that you have to stay up until 3:00 am studying or finishing a project. Try to have a consistent sleeping routine that allows you at least 8 hours of sleep a night. How do you stay motivated during the school year, and what tips do you have for studying and maintaining a GPA?

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