Tips and Tricks for Your Next Fundraiser

by omni

No matter what sport you’re involved in, fundraising is likely a large part of your team’s activities. Cheerleading is definitely no exception. Some squads fundraise year-round, while others only do it when something specific arises, like needing to purchase new uniforms or preparing to attend a competition. We’ve got some advice and tips to make your next fundraiser successful, simple, and fun. It’s important to know what NOT to do when you’re planning a fundraiser! Make sure you don’t: wait until the last minute, forget to set a goal, ignore the power of social media when it comes to advertising, or think simple means boring. Also, never forget to be spirited! Whatever your fundraiser, give yourself time to prepare and a specific goal to reach for, and make sure to reach for it with your biggest smiles, highest hair, and most spirited cheers! Do it yourself! There are some great ideas out there for DIY fundraisers that keep things inexpensive, efficient, and fun! Some of our favorites include selling “cheer”grams (which are like candygrams with small cheers performed upon delivery!), creating a coupon book with support from local companies and businesses, making spirited blankets in school colors or out of old uniforms, selling homemade items at the Farmer’s Market, or holding a bake sale! Hold your fundraisers year-round with weather-proof ideas that can be used anywhere, any time. A raffle can be added on to almost any event. If you’re able to secure a donation from a local company (which could be anything from a trip to a TV!), raffles can be done fairly easily and efficiently. You can also always keep it simple, yet effective, with a fundraiser that will work year round with or without an event. Coupon books, Fun”d”2Raise scratch-off cards, and online donation programs like JustGive and similar websites offer ways to raise funds at any time. Don’t be afraid to try events that have worked time and time again! The most successful events that come to mind are car washes, community BBQs, and yard sales. For one of these events, you’ll need a space, some planning, and all hands on deck! Remember to keep things as simple as possible: accept only cash (unless you have an easy smart phone app that accepts credit cards), stick to whole dollar amounts to make it easier for customers to pay, advertise ahead of time, and make the most out of social media to spread the word. What tips do you have to make the most out of your fundraiser?

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