#ThrowbackThursday Video: Ballet Skiing (This is Not a Joke)

by omni

This month in the Cheerleading Blog office, we’ve been deep in Olympics discussion. We’re huge fans of figure skating and I have personally always dreamed of suddenly blossoming into a figure skating icon, even though I have only been on the ice a handful of times. In honor of #ThrowbackThursday — everyone’s favorite social media weekly holiday — we’re sharing the delightfully humorous lost sport of ballet skiing. That’s right. Ballet and skiing combined (glitter ensembles included). This is not a joke. In the 1980s — a decade of bad (but at same time, awesome) choices — ballet skiers graced the snow with ballet and figure skating-style moves on skis. Take a look for yourself: Think this is a spoof? Watch this competition performance from 1985: While ballet skiing was a demonstration sport at the 1988 and 1992 Winter Olympics, it never made it to Olympics status. By the year 2000, the sport had pretty much disappeared. If you want to learn more about the story, check out the MTV article (thanks MTV!). Let’s take a moment of silence to remember the delightfully entertaining sport of ballet skiing. What’s a sport combo you’d like to see? I’m going to make bobsled knitting a thing. You have to knit a scarf WHILE bobsledding. Bonus points for intricate scarf designs.

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