This Cheer Performance Will Pump You Up (VIDEO)

by omni

We never get tired of watching cheerleading videos, whether it’s a cheer squad chanting on the sidelines of a football game or an All Star Level 5 team flying high on the blue mat. We’re constantly amazed by just how athletic, flexible, and strong cheerleaders can be and how creative coaches and choreographers can get when creating a routine. We believe that even at the competitive level, cheerleading should still incorporate spirit elements – after all, it’s one of the things that distinguishes them from gymnasts. We stumbled upon this video of a cheerleading squad performing in Japan and i made our jaws drop, to say the least. What we particularly love are all the creative elements, like the flags, that really get the crowd excited. The cheerleaders not only stick their moves, but they have such an amazing energy that’s contagious! Not only is the crowd going wild, but so are we while watching this. This squad is a great example of how pumping up the crowd and showing off energy is just as important as nailing stunts. Take a look at the performance, then tell us what you think! (Video from Nippon Bunri ‘s Facebook page) Were you impressed by this performance? What did you like the most about the routine? What elements do you think are most important in a performance?

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