The Winter Issue of CheerLiving Is Now Available!

by omni

The new winter issue of CheerLiving is available now! This issue is full of the things cheerleaders want to know this time of year, like who’s really watching you at competitions, how to pack like a pro for cheer events, and great cheerleading gift ideas. Since this is our last issue before the new year, this issue is all about changes. We talk about how to survive mid-season leadership changes and give you some tips for making positive changes in your own life. We even got to sit down with Jennifer Burke from Cheer Channel’s Superstars of All-Stars for a cheer chat about how she got through some major changes in her own life. Jennifer changed teams, schools, and even states her junior year of high school. You don’t want to miss her story and the lessons she learned that she’s passing on to you! Remember, CheerLiving offers free digital subscriptions. When you subscribe, you get instant access to this issue and the previous ones. We hope you love the newest issue. Enjoy!

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