The Summer Fitness Secrets that Cheerleaders Need to Know

by omni

Summer is an active time, because, let’s face it, who wants to stay indoors? Everyone likes to enjoy their summer break by having fun in the sun, and most outside activities can double as workouts as you do. However, cheerleaders never get a real break from their sport, which means that fitness should be a number one priority over the summer. Remember, next season is only a few weeks away! Plus, there’s camp! There are many ways a cheerleader can go about staying in top physical condition, but there are also a lot of hacks that can make summer fitness a lot easier, too! Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of several articles explaining how cheerleaders can focus on their summer fitness in unconventional ways. OK, so it’s hot out, we get it. For those who don’t have a pool in their backyard, maybe the temperature’s a little too high to want to workout outside. Running around the block might turn into a wicked case of heat stroke, so cheerleaders might have to start getting a little creative in order to upkeep their physique. Before you give up and surrender to your couch to veg with a bag of potato chips, we let you know How Cheerleaders Can Maintain Fitness Over Breaks Without Even Leaving Their House. But, staying indoors is never fun‚ especially when it’s so nice out! For those living on the coast, or those traveling with their parents on a summer vacation, there’s one place cheerleaders can always turn to for exercise. That’s right, the beach! With vast stretches of sand in either direction, you can always find a spot isolated enough to accommodate a full workout. Once you’re there, you may not know how to even begin exercising, especially with the lingering temptation to join the masses tanning. If you need inspiration, here’s a list of 3 Ways to Maintain Your Cheer Fitness at the Beach Over Summer Break. And, then get your tan on. Depending on your all star team, you may have a break in practices at your gym in between cheer seasons. If that’s the case, never fear, it’s only for a of couple weeks. But, this is not a time to let your fitness lull just because you don’t have gym access! If your parents allow you to sign up for a membership at a local gym, you may realize that you don’t know where to start‚ there’s a lot of machines to choose from! In order to maximize your workout, cheerleaders need to know How to Adjust to a Regular Gym From an All Star Gym Between Cheer Seasons. Cheerleaders need a well-rounded fitness regimen in order to go full out effectively. That means, it takes more than just cardio and conditioning exercises to get in top shape! One big factor of cheer fitness is working on flexibility, and there are many ways to go about stretching. Smart cheerleaders can kill two birds with one stone with activities like yoga, which incorporates stretching into the mix! We tell you 4 Fitness Benefits of Yoga and How They Apply to Cheerleaders. Just hitting the gym won’t keep your fitness levels on fleek‚ you have to fuel yourself right, too! Eating clean is the number one way to build muscle, not to mention get the most out of your workouts, even after you’re done with fitness for the day! A Balanced Diet Will Do Wonders to a Cheerleader’s Physical Fitness, so make sure your summer is full of food that’s good for you! Do you maintain your fitness over summer break in other ways? Tell us your fitness hacks below!

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