The Secret to Staying Healthy This Competition Season

by omni

As the year winds down, cheerleaders may find themselves dealing with seasonal issues completely outside of competitions and games. Sore throats can happen even when we project our voices properly, especially with the increase in flus and colds during winter; balancing a busy schedule invites stress and difficulty sleeping; colder weather and wind can take their toll on the body. Luckily, no matter what woes stand between a cheerleader and a top-notch performance on the sidelines or the mat‚ there’s a tea for that. Peppermint Tea Peppermint tea not only has a refreshing herbal taste, but also a plethora of health benefits. If you aren’t feeling well, it soothes sore throats, hydrates dry mouths, calms coughs, and‚ because it contains an active ingredient called menthol‚ aids in decongestion. Peppermint can also help muscles to relax and is good for stress relief. In some cases, it can even assist in curbing acne. Ginger Tea Ginger may aid with an upset stomach or nausea, which is why you may find folks who aren’t well sipping beverages made with it, like ginger ale or tea. A hot cup of ginger tea can also ease a sore throat, chills, dizziness, and other symptoms of colds or flus. Outside of illness, ginger tea is good for soothing muscle soreness after tough practices and easing menstrual cramps. Chamomile Tea A light, floral tea, chamomile can help with mild stomach discomforts, including cramps. It naturally calms the body into a more restful state for sleep and also helps with anxiety. For burns and scrapes, putting a chamomile tea bag in hot water, letting it cool, and using it as a compress can soothe irritation; chamomile tea bags prepared this way can also help to remove dark circles from under eyes. It’s the perfect time of year to curl up with a mug of tea! Treat yourself to a tasty, toasty cup and reap the healthy benefits.

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