The Science to Creating Your Perfect Workout Playlist

by omni

The Science Behind Music Forgetting your iPod when your headed to the gym is like forgetting your water bottle. If you think your music helps with your cheerleading workout routine, your thinking in the right direction. According to, studies show that songs with a BPM (beats per minute) between 120-140 will increase your workout success by 10%! People who listened to the upbeat playlist had raised heart rates and were far more motivated than the group who listened to the slower tempos. When “the music was played faster, the participants chose to accept, and even prefer, a greater degree of effort.” The group that listened to the slower music had the opposite effect and their entire performance dropped. How To Create Your Playlist Choosing your cheerleading fitness playlist is more than choosing your favorite songs. As mentioned above, to improve your performance at the gym you would need to create a playlist with songs that have 120-140 beats per minute. You can either count how many beats the song has for one minute or you can download software for your computer that will do the counting for you. Even going onto google and searching for songs with a BPM of 120 will bring up a whole slew of pages dedicated to bringing it’s viewers exercise playlists. Finally, you can go into iTunes and both enter and sort by the BPM. Remember after a rigorous workout, you’ll need to cool your muscles down by doing a light walk on the treadmill. This would be the perfect opportunity to add some slower songs at the end of the playlist to help slow your heart rate down. In conclusion, your playlist is more than something fun to listen to at the gym. It’s a motivator and will help you increase your workout success by 10%! We want to know what some of your favorite workout songs are. Leave a comment below!

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