The Most Heartwarming Story You’ll Read All Week (VIDEO)

by omni

Six-year-old Riley is a cheerleader in Beverly, Massachusetts who won’t even let cancer stop her from cheering. Last May, she was diagnosed with a rare form of nasal cancer. Despite all of the treatments she’s going through, Riley pushes on, inspiring her teammates, family, and everyone around her. Reported by 7 News Boston, Riley’s dad shared, “She has taught me that she is tougher, she fights like a girl. She is tougher than any guy I know.” The assistant coach of Riley’s cheer squad, Jennifer Burnett, is also equally impressed, telling 7 News, “We practice, you know, three, four times a week. You know, they are little girls. They get tired. This one comes, actually, a lot of times, like, straight from radiation treatment […] and she never, like, has a single complaint.” Inspired by Riley, the team took action. When they heard that Dana-Farber was holding a fundraiser for teams to raise money (and have a chance to perform at a New England Patriots pre-game show, Riley’s team knew this was the perfect opportunity. In one weekend, Riley and her teammates raised $2,500. Already, the team has raised $5,000 thanks to the supportive community. Jennifer said of the success, “The community made it possible. We would never have been able to do something like this without so many people helping us. But it’s been really amazing. I didn’t expect this at all.” Riley and her team will find out in December if they’ve won. Check out the news coverage below: WHDH-TV 7News Boston News Source: 7 News Boston

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