The March Cheerleading News You Don’t Want to Miss

by omni

It’s official, spring has sprung! What a great month for not only the weather, but the cheerleading industry as well, and it won’t be long before it’s the end of the semester. That’s right, cheer camp is right around the corner! Before you start packing your sunblock, and planning summer team activities, let’s reflect on the top cheer news of this last month. First and foremost, the moment you’ve all been patiently awaiting has come and gone‚ our new arrivals have come in stock! We received all the latest 2016 cheer gear from your favorite brands, including Chasse, Nike, Adidas, Asics, and more! We even made a promotional video for our 2016 Catalog, which is currently in the process of being mailed out to our subscribers. If you would like to request a catalog for your team, follow this link. With all the new items we’ve added to our site, we’re excited for you to see them, so browse our new arrivals today! Attention all sublimation lovers! Chasse Cheer has updated their Sublimation Design Center, including styles for Double Knit uniforms and practice wear items! And, for the first time ever, Chasse is offering sublimated men’s wear. We can’t get enough of all the new designs, considering you can now take sublimation everywhere you go. To get sublimation for your next cheer event or season, visit the all-new Chasse Design Center now! CheerLiving Magazine is also getting in on the sublimation action! Sublimation is the biggest growing trend in cheerleading, and CheerLiving tells you all about it in their March webisode “Sublimation Nation “. We’ve further heard rumors that the 2016 Spring Buyer’s Guide is about to be released any day, which is really exciting too! All that we know thus far is that this episode heavily features Chasse’s sublimation, and gives a preview of what’s to come. What’s more, CheerLiving released a SECOND webisode for March featuring Chasse practice wear! Episode 26, “Practice Wear 101 “, breaks down not only what cheerleaders should wear to practice, but why the different kinds of practice wear are necessary. Cheerleaders have to be comfortable while they go full out, so we love how CheerLiving points out the options available when it comes to fabrics and fitting. Watch the episode on YouTube now! Speaking of practice wear, we hope you’ve been practicing for tryouts! Tryouts are happening this month and next, so you’ve probably been upping your conditioning and flexibility training. Still nervous? Well, we wrote an article for you to tell if you’re truly ready for tryouts. Plus, it’s in GIFs. Nervous about other things, like approaching your coach about sticky situations? Are you also a fan of GIFs? Reference this GIF article about approaching your coach the right way in order to resolve a team issue. Be careful though‚ four out of five of these GIFs are the WRONG way to go about it! See if you can tell which one is right. What other cheer news are you excited about from March? Tell us in the comments!

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