The Definition of a Champion

by omni

According to the dictionary, a champion is “a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition, especially in sports.” We believe the definition of a true champion goes beyond that. Being a champion doesn’t always mean being a gold medalist or a winner. A champion is someone who lives and breathes her sport. A champion loves what she does and is passionate about improving her skills and becoming a better and better athlete and teammate. A champion cares about her teammates and knows that it’s an entire team’s performance – not an individual’s – that determines the score. A champion works with her teammates and helps them when she can. The more someone can think of a “champion” as something more than just a game winner, the better the cheerleader she will be. We asked our fans on Facebook their thoughts on the definition of a champion. Here is what a few of them had to say: “A champion is someone who is recognized for putting everything they’ve got into something they are passionate about.” – Ginger “Someone or a team who truly tries. A team that, even if they didn’t succeed at first, still tries and gives it their all.” – Hanna “Dedication, hard work, the ability to adapt, sportsmanship, showmanship, cheering for the love of it, dancing for the love of it, and knowing that as long as you have all of these qualities there isn’t a trophy big or small that can ever show that kind of champion status.” – Cory “Single-minded focus on mastery and not the outcome.” – Amram “It’s the combination of committed coaches, team work of determined young ladies, and supportive parents that make a team champions because it requires all of us to support the girls and them as a team!” – Tara “A team that works hard and earns their way to where they are with sportsmanship, determination, and skill.” – McKinzie “Someone who works hard at what they do and has passion.” – Camryn “Hard work and dedication as a team!” – Theresa “Hard work, determination, and good sportsmanship.” – Kim “A champion may not always be the athlete that ends up in first place, but a champion is a good sport, team player, dedicated, and supportive of her teammates 100%.” – Teresa What do you think is the definition of a champion?

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