The December News You Don’t Want to Miss

by omni

The holidays are in full swing, and the year is quickly coming to an end. To some, this past year was challenging, confusing, and borderline chaotic. To others, this year was filled with blessings, good karma, and unforgettable memories. Whether you benefited over the past year or not, the bottom line is that you grew a little more as a person. What’s the point in living if you’re not learning from your mistakes, and reveling in your victories? With the New Year upon us, it’s time to reflect on many things, so let’s have December’s cheer news be one item on the list! Let’s start at the OBVIOUS: cheerleading has been granted a provisionary status as an Olympic sport! Um, HELLO, this is AMAZING!! What a victory for cheerleaders everywhere, and what a stride in cheerleading history. This is only the beginning‚ for once people see the jaw-dropping things that competitive cheerleaders do on the mat, it will consequently lead to a permanent place at all Olympic games moving forward. Take a moment to be proud to be a cheerleader before 2017. More great cheer news is that we’re teaming up with CheerLiving Magazine moving forward into the New Year! To read the latest cheer news about Omni, CheerLiving, and Chasse Cheer, now is the time to sign up for emails‚ for 2017 has a lot in store for email subscribers! And, along these partner lines, have you read the latest CheerLiving Winter Issue? Although we’re at the tail end of the holidays, the 2016 Winter Issue features tips for competition season, goals for the New Year, game plans for springtime fundraising, and more! The new issue is available as a free download on their new CheerLiving app (also free!!), so have fun exploring all the hidden interactive features on any digital device today. We also just were told that archive issues have just been added to the app, too, so you have a whole year’s worth of CheerLiving at your fingertips! CheerLiving is also now on Instagram! We’re hearing some rumors about January, and if they happen to be true, followers of @CheerLivingMag on Instagram and Facebook are in store for something truly exciting. We want to help ease the pressure of New Year’s resolutions for cheerleaders‚ for you already have enough pressure on your shoulders! If you find yourself with a lot of goals in mind, with little motivation to put them in action, don’t beat yourself up. Did you know that only 10% of people follow through with their New Year’s resolutions? We tell you how to be part of that 10% in A Cheerleader’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions. Lastly, even though Christmas is behind us and since CheerLiving is really making our heads spin with progress, we want to point out their hilarious new holiday episode on “Spreading Holiday Cheer “. It’s funny, it’s on point, and we just couldn’t agree more with their tips for cheerleaders to get others in the holiday spirit. It’s never too late to spread cheer in your town! What other cheer news have you heard? Let us know in the comments!

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