The Creation & Design of Cheer Apparel

by omni

We all know and love our cheer gear. Whether it’s white shoes designed for tumbling or printed tees with sassy sayings, cheerleaders can’t get enough cheerleading apparel. But how do companies and brands create all of their merchandise? How do they know what cheerleaders like and what works best for their practices and performances? First comes a lot of research. Studies in the past have been done so companies today know what fabrics work best for athletes, whether it’s cotton for breathability or lycra for stretch and comfort. Some companies even create their own hybrid fabric for better results, like Chasse’s C-dri fabric, which is a specially engineered yarn woven to dry faster and keep the body cool. The next important step is design. There are generally four ways a company creates designs for their apparel. The first option is to use an outside design company or designer who designs a season’s worth of products within a set period of time. The second option is to utilize in-house designers. These designers work year-round creating and developing new collections. The third option is what is known as a “cheerlebrity” line where a company works with a celebrity who creates his/her own specialty collection. The fourth option is a design contest. Some companies will host a contest, asking fans to submit their own designs for cheerleading gear. The winner chosen will either receive a prize or have their design created and sold through the company! How can designers constantly think of new ideas for cheer gear? Luckily for cheerleaders, designers and companies are constantly researching and creating new ideas. While companies are often inspired by one another, there have been cases where a company has been a little too inspired by another company’s design. Most recently, cheerleading companies Campus Teamwear and Team Cheer were involved in a trademark infringement case. In September 2012, Campus Teamwear filed an infringement case against Team Cheer for copyright infringement, federal trademark infringement, and unfair competition relating to the manufacture of t-shirts, socks, and bags. The case was settled in March 2013 and Team Cheer agreed to stop selling those particular products. With each season come new cheer collections, allowing cheerleaders to look stylish all year round! Cheerleading has drastically evolved over the years and so has the clothing! We can’t wait to see what cheer companies continue to design! What cheer items do you love the most? Comment and share with us!

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