The Cheerleader’s Guide To Preparing For Flyer Stunts

by omni

A cheerleading flyer is the gravity-defying individual you see being thrown into the air or contorting their bodies into ridiculous shapes while balancing on a bunch of hands. It is one of the more dangerous positions on a squad. If you want to be a flyer, you should know that it takes hard work and dedication. This guide will help flyers prepare for their position, and also includes step-by-step visual guides for some of the most popular flyer stunts! Fill out the form below to get your free copy now, and easily save, print and share this guide with your cheer community! Name* First Last Email* Enter Email Confirm Email Zip Code Which best describes you: CheerleaderDancerCoachParentChoreographerOther Sign me up to receive emails from Omni Cheer Blog and its partners Omni Cheer Blog does not sell your contact information. See our privacy policy. Email Preview Prep Steps The first step for a cheer flyer, before ever even performing a stunt, is to work on her balance and flexibility. Check out our preparation section which includes stretches and balancing techniques developed specifically for flyers! How To Do Flyer Skills This section includes step-by-step instructions and tips, along with visual guides, for performing the most popular flyer stunts. You’ll learn how to master the liberty, arabesque, scales, heel stretch, scorpion, needle and bow and arrow. The bonus section includes tips for having a safe season! Download your FREE copy of the guide now to access all the tips and step-by-step visuals for all the most popular flyer moves!

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