The Cheerleader’s Bucket List: Coolest Paces to Cheer

by omni

Thanks to away games and competitions, many cheerleaders are fortunate enough to travel to a lot of fun places and see new cities. For hard-core competitive squads, you’ve likely traveled to quite a few different states and met a lot of new friends. At Cheerleading Blog, we started thinking about the coolest places in the world and, of course, that made us wonder about how awesome it would be to cheer at all of those places. In honor of the fun season of summer, here is a list of places where it would ah-mazing to cheer. The Pyramids in Egypt. Our list has to start with the Pyramids. Not only would it be amazing to do a pyramid on a pyramid, it would be fun for the pyramids to act as a base for flyers. The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. You could really prove your balance by stunting on the top of this famous angled tower. The Great Wall of China in China The total length of this ancient wall is around 13,000 miles! This makes for quite a runway for stunts, tumbles, and passes. You’ll never run out of room. The Statue of Liberty in New York. Doing a liberty on the top floor of the Statue of Liberty (or even in front of it). Enough said! It not only makes for a great photo op, it’s quite a patriotic moment, especially around 4th of July! The Space Needle in Washington. You know what we’re thinking – a needle on top of the Space Needle! But the other reason is that it’s the tallest structure on the west side of the Mississippi, standing 605 feet high. The Hollywood Walk of Fame in California. What a way to show the world that you’re a star! The Walk of Fame has nearly 2,500 stars and covers over 15 blocks of sidewalk. You would have quite a cheering audience here. Anywhere in Hawaii. Okay, we’ll be honest. This is mainly included on this list because, after cheering, you’d be in the perfect spot for a vacation day (or week). Any of the past Olympics sites. Cheerleading may not be an Olympic sport (yet), but what better way to change history for a day and perform a cheer routine at an Olympics site! Princeton in New Jersey. It’s where cheerleading first began with a yell squad. Celebrate a major moment of cheerleading history by cheering on the football field sidelines! Anywhere in Texas. Texas is considered the cheerleading capital so where better to cheer? Lawrence “Herkie” Herkimer hosted the first cheer camp at Sam Houston State in Huntsville, Texas where a lot of groundbreaking stunts and cheer rules were formed. Also, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were the first NFL cheerleaders! Warning: do not actually attempt any of this! This is only an imaginary bucket list. If you could cheer anywhere, where would it be?

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