The Best Bags for Toting Your Cheer Gear

by omni

Cheerleaders love their cheer gear. Clothes, shoes, bows, glitter, hairspray” “you name it, they’ve got a lot of it. And when they travel, it all has to go along, whether just to the gym or to a game or competition. This means a good bag is a must! Different bags will be better for different situations, and chances are you’ll need more than one. We teamed up with cheerleading apparel company Chasse to show you some great options. Backpacks Backpacks are convenient because they free up your hands for anything else you need to do or carry. The Essential Backpack from Chasse is great for carrying your gear to practice, and it’s only $14.95. It has a double zipper on top and a smaller compartment in the front, as well as a place for your phone. The more spacious Weekender Backpack from Chasse is great for a weekend trip. In addition to the extra room, it has more pockets for your accessories and a place for your computer, phone or mp3 player, and headphones. Duffel Bags Duffel bags are easy to sling over your shoulder if you already have a backpack on, and they provide extra room, making them ideal for travel to games and competitions. The Chasse Travel Duffel Bag is the perfect cheer bag to bring to games. It has plenty of room for your uniform and shoes and extra pockets for accessories, but it’s not too bulky. The Convertible Bag from Chasse is great for competitions or longer trips. You can use it as a duffel bag or put on the detachable shoulder straps to use it as a backpack! It is roomier than a standard duffel bag, and it has a compartment to separate your shoes from your uniform, as well as side and inner pockets for your hair and makeup supplies. It was clearly designed with cheerleaders in minds! Smaller Bags Smaller bags like the Chasse Sequin Backpack, Everyday Tote Bag or Zebra Drawstring Tote are perfect for keeping your smaller items like phone and snacks with you on a trip while your bigger bag is in the back of the car. These are also great for everyday use, like carrying your books at school or using as a purse at the mall to show your cheer pride! What is your go-to bag for practice, games, and competitions?

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