The August Cheerleading News You Don’t Want to Miss

by omni

Labor Day Weekend is upon us, and that signals the official end of summer. We know, we know, it went by way too fast! In a blink of an eye, you’ve went through tryouts, made the team, went to cheer camp, returned home to practice, and now you’re back in school for the fall semester. What a whirlwind! But, with the death of summer comes the birth of a new cheer season‚ both for sideline and competitive teams‚ and that’s more exciting anyway than a lousy summer break anyway. The first Friday football games are in the books, Homecoming is right around the corner for high school cheerleaders, and youth cheerleaders have Pop Warner nights to look ahead to before the start of the holidays. Yep, that’s right! September marks the countdown of holiday after holiday, so before the semester starts slipping by, here’s a recap of the last of the summer cheer news that you may have missed: Team ordering is always a stressful job, and that task is always the top of the list for a new cheer season. For coaches on a shoestring budget, ordering all the cheer gear you need for your team can easily get out of hand. But, there are ways to go around paying top dollar for uniforms‚ and everything else for that matter! To help cheer coaches and parents get the most gear for the lowest price, we’ve put together a new free eBook! A Coach’s Guide to Cutting Cheer Costs is now available as a free download, so start saving today! Our friends at CheerLiving Magazine know that with a start of a new season means that there are brand new team captains out there, learning the ropes. Being captain is more than just an honorary title, and undertaking this role is harder than it seems! Cheer captains need to know how to effectively help manage and motivate their squad in order to have a fluid and successful season. So, if you’ve just landed a captain gig (or have your sights set on being captain next year), CheerLiving tells you “What it Takes to Be Team Captain ” in the latest episode of their web series. Sometimes, cheer companies and blogs focus a little too much on high school and college cheerleading, and forget about mentioning the little guys; that’s right, youth cheer is just as important! The popular view of youth cheerleading is that it’s easier with younger participants, but that’s not the case! Pop Warner and youth cheer coaches usually don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into until their over their head, so we’ve taken the time to write A Coach’s Guide to Youth Cheerleading to help new coaches out! It’s never too early to “think pink’ for Breast Cancer Awareness, and October will be here before you know it! If you’re considering upping the support on your squad for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve got a whole page on our site dedicated to everything pink! Browse our favorite pink cheer items today to have them in plenty of time to Cheer for the Cause. What other August cheer news have you heard? Tell us in the comments below!

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