The Absolute Best Places for Summer Cheer Camp

by omni

Every time summer comes around, you know what’s happening next. School is out, the sun is shining, and adventure is beckoning. Time to sit and do nothing, right? WRONG‚ cheerleading season never ends! The good news is that the time to focus on winning competitions or planning that big halftime show is over; nope, it’s time to hit the road for summer camp! There’s nothing like fun in the sun with your cheer family, and getting away from home is always a plus. But, which camp should you attend? There’s so many to choose from, and it could cause you a bit of anxiety thinking about missing out on all the different options. No need to stress‚ camp is always a good time! In case you narrow it down to a few and need help from there, here are three camp destinations to consider above others: Camp at a prestigious gym. If you are part of a sideline team or a competitive team at a smaller gym, it will be a nice change of pace to practice lavishly at a five-star accredited facility for once! There are many all star gyms around the country that host camp clinics all summer long that focus on tumbling, stunting, training, and more. You can sign up for all the clinics, or just choose the areas that cater to where your team needs improvement. And, because these clinics are held all over the nation, you probably don’t have to travel far to get the camp experience you crave! That means you can use your spring and summer fundraising revenue for other things, like new cheer gear! Camp by the water. What’s summer camp without being outdoors by a body of water?? Whether that is a lake, the ocean, the river, or even a community pool, looking at water while you workout will help beat the heat and keep you cool‚ even if that’s by jumping in it after! Plus, practicing motions and jumps in water takes away some of the difficulty of learning something new. The whole process becomes more fluid, pun intended. Camp in a cool city. Never been to Chicago? Los Angeles? Seattle? If your team wants to get out of town, why not go attend cheer camp in a place you’ve never collectively been to? Instead of waiting to see if a competition lands somewhere that you like, plan a destination cheer camp‚ kind of like a destination wedding. Since travel costs will be much larger for this kind of camp endeavor, you and your team will benefit greatly by doing a lot of spring fundraising well ahead of time. You can never have too much team money at your disposal! Once you choose where you want to go, start coordinating how: is it less expensive to travel by bus or by plane? Will you need a hotel or is there onsite camp housing? Calculate all of the extraneous travel costs into your camp budget, such as team meals per diem or baggage fees on an airplane. Once you have a cohesive travel itinerary and a separate budget plan, you then have a specific dollar amount to generate. Use that amount to motivate your team to reach as a fundraising goal, and your community will probably pitch in for the cause! Cough, online crowdfunding effort… Did your favorite cheer camp destination not make the list? Tell us where you most enjoy cheer camp in the comments below!

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