Teach Safer Cheers with This Helpful Class for Coaches

by omni

Thanks to a university online course, cheer coaches can improve their already wonderful teaching skills! West Virginia is now offering an online coaching course. Students will learn how to teach safe cheer techniques in the course of nine weeks. The class – three hours long each week – is called Athletic Coaching Education 356. All teaching takes place online so coaches (and aspiring coaches!) can enroll no matter where they live or what time of day they work. The course is being taught by Kelly Stewart, who is a faculty member of the College of Physical Activity and Sports Science at West Virginia . Kelly also happens to be the co-founder of the Competitive Cheerleading Club. The Daily Athenaeum spoke with Kelly, who told the newspaper, “The whole purpose of the course is to prepare a student to be ready to coach cheerleading in a safe way, and there’s really not a whole lot out there for teaching coaches how to teach stunts in a safe way.” While up to 35 students can enroll, the class (offered each semester) quickly fills up, probably because the class is hands-on and requires students to work with high school cheer teams and teach the stunts and routines taught during the course. After completing their assignment, they take pictures and report about their progress through an online platform called eCampus. The “final” comes in the form of a three-minute routine, which the student must create while following all state rules and regulations. The class was first launched in 2011 but has recently gained traction and success. We think its great that a university is providing learning resources for cheer coaches! For more information on the course, email kelly.stewart@mail.wvu.edu or reach out to West Virginia . News Source: The Daily Athenaeum Have you ever taken or heard of cheer classes? Would you ever take an online class to improve your coaching or cheer skills?

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