Summertime Team Bonding Ideas

by omni

Hoorah! It’s finally summer! Between the summer practices, family vacations, and fun time with your friends, it’s going by so fast. Before the summer passes you by, don’t forget to do something just as important as practice‚ bonding with your team! Even though practicing and spending time together is enough to make anybody friends, don’t forget the importance of fun activities together. It’s something that will strengthen your bond and help you to learn much more about each other than you had known before! Here are some fun team bonding ideas for your squad: 1. Water Balloon Fight In case you haven’t been outside‚ well, we wouldn’t blame you. It’s hot, but you’ve gotta beat the heat and get outside anyway! Why not go traditional and have a water balloon fight or squirt gun war with your squad? Have your coach break you up by alternating between one and two to randomly select your team, and viola! You’ve got your army. This can even be an after practice activity to cool down after conditioning. 2. Themed Team Party Sure, your squad will throw a 4th of July party or a summer pool party, (still awesome) but why not change it up a bit? Find a dress-up theme for your summer team get-together. Find a theme that will encourage your teammates to team up with one another in preparation for the party. Think along the lines of superheroes or T.V. show characters. If your teammate asks to be a part of your group, say YES! The idea is to get to know teammates that you may have not talked much to yet. Especially those incoming freshmen‚ even if you already have your five Ninja Turtles, who’s to say you can’t have a sixth? Donatello could have been a twin, after all. 3. Scavenger Hunt Summertime means school’s out, right? Which means there are that many more people hanging out at home, out at the mall, etc. This is the perfect time to have a team scavenger hunt. First, create a checklist of “items’ your team will have to complete. Fill it up with fun things like taking a photo with someone’s dog, or finding and taking a picture in a store based on a clue given. For example, have one squad member try on a pair of heels in a place where you never grow old‚ Forever 21, of course! The easiest way to create a checklist is to use photos‚ they’re great memories, and they serve as proof as you go through the list! If you want to go the neighborhood route, go door to door with a checklist of small items and see which team can gather them all first. Make sure each team has adult supervision, though!Make sure you have someone waiting at a designated point for when the scavenger hunt has finished, so that the first team to finish can claim their prize! (Whether this is high-fives or a day off of conditioning, first place feels pretty good!) Even though you may just want to sit inside and enjoy the comfortable air conditioning your home has to offer, get outside this summer and bond with your teammates as much as possible! Before you know it, the sun will be setting at 5 PM again and everybody is going to be in hibernation mode. Enjoy the sunshine! [Source: Giphy]

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