September Poll Results: What’s Your Favorite Thing About the Fall Semester?

by omni

October is here, and everything is changing: your school semester is getting harder, temperatures are dropping, the holidays are nearly here, and the trees are absolutely beautiful right now. The spirit of Halloween and Homecoming is in the air, and it seems that pumpkin-flavored everything is lining the grocery store shelves. And, we’re not complaining! With so many amazing things that come with the autumn season, we were wondering what is your ultimate favorite thing about the fall semester. We asked, 325 of you voted, and here are the results! 1. The most popular answer is no shocker: we asked cheerleaders what they’re fave thing is, and, of course, a vast majority answered “cheering at football games’! A whopping 50% of all voters, actually. Well, we’re glad to hear it‚ considering you work so hard on the sidelines! It’s not like basketball season is worse or anything, but there’s something about football cheering that really stands out in your heart. Maybe it’s because you’re finally cheering again after a long summer vacation away from your team. 2. The second most popular answer goes along with the first, and that’s Homecoming! If 50% of you voted for sideline cheering, cheering at the Homecoming game and being part of your school’s parade has to be second place. You just can’t have a fall semester without a good Homecoming extravaganza, and 25% of you said that these fall festivities are your favorite. 3. Fall is an exciting time, so it’s only natural to be giddy about what’s coming next! The third most popular answer, at 12%, was “looking forward to the holidays’. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas within reach, it’s easy to be stoked for good food, fun family times, and unforgettable friend moments. Plus, the holidays signify that fall semester is coming to a close! Once you get through the first semester, then spring rolls around, flies by, and before you know it, it’s summer again! You’re nearly, almost, kind of there. Mostly. 4. The fourth chosen answer goes along with holidays, with 8% of voters choosing “pumpkin spice lattes’! True, when Starbucks officially announces pumpkin spice is back on the menu, EVERYONE gets at least a small amount of joy ripple through their whole body. And, no judgment‚ it’s delicious. 5. The least popular answer was “the colorful trees’ at 5%. To be fair, there are so many wonderful and fascinating things that happen in the fall that trees are slighted against quite a bit of competition. So, even though the trees are mind-blowingly beautiful this time of year, they just can’t measure up to all the rest of what fall semester brings to the table. For the full results of our September poll, see the graph below. And, don’t forget to vote in our October poll that is now live on our blog site! Were you surprised by the results? Do you love something about fall that didn’t make the list? Tell us in the comments!

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