Review: Cheer News Network Podcast

by omni

Did you know that Cheer News Network has a podcast? CheerNN Radio is their official broadcast (which launched November 2012) and it covers the latest news and hottest topics about cheerleaders and cheerleading. Here at Cheerleading Blog, we’re all big fans of Cheer News Network and were excited to discover their podcast. Already, it has caught the attention of many cheerleaders, having exceeded 16,000 downloads of their first episode. Just like their website, CheerNN Radio is all about cheerleading and features a variety of topics, from safety to choreography to dealing with a backache after tumbling and stunting. So far, there are four episodes, all hosted by Cheer News Network experts, Scott and Jennifer. Each episode focuses on a specific topic and oftentimes includes an interview with a cheerleading professional. We love how much interesting information each podcast covers. Since each podcast is less than 30 minutes long, they’re easy to listen to on your way to school, at the gym, or whenever you have some down time. Our favorite so far has to be the fourth episode, which features an interview with Terry Ziegler, a professor of Kinesiology at Vanguard . The topic of the episode is safety and Terry discusses the injuries involved with cheer, why so many injuries happen, and how injuries should be treated. It was incredible to hear that a professor of Kinesiology considers cheerleading to be one of the most dangerous sports! She covers some of the myths of cheer and discusses why cheer safety standards must change in order to reduce injuries. The topic of cheerleading safety is particularly special to us, as we’ve previously written about the injuries of cheer and why too many accidents happen. We can’t wait for the next episode of CheerNN Radio! Catch up on all the episodes and subscribe to CheerNN Radio on iTunes so you don’t miss any of the action. Have you listened to CheerNN Radio? Will you tune in to the next episode?

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