Reminder! Get Answers And Enter To Win!

by omni

Hello Cheerleading Blog readers! Don’t forget to enter to win a cheer prize package from Chasse and Glitterbug Cosmetics, and to submit your questions to our editors! Reader of the Month Our readers deserve some recognition! We’ve launched the Reader of the Month contest, and will reward one lucky blog reader with a cheer prize package each month! That’s not all though – we’ll also post a blog article that is all about them! So if you like free stuff and want to be featured on our blog, enter now! Check out our 2013 winners – and see what they won! – then learn how to enter to be a winner! Ask Cheerleading Blog Every month we collect YOUR questions, and turn them over to our editors, contributors and experts to get you some advise. You can ask about anything cheerleading – from how to succeed at tryouts to how to talk to your coach and everything in between! Think of it as the Yahoo! Answers for cheerleading, without all of the Internet “trolls’ that leave nasty or inappropriate comments and responses. We’re working hard this year to expand our network of expert contributors, so you can be sure that we’ll find the right person – or people – to answer your questions! Check out all of the answers articles, and learn how to submit your questions!

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