Reasons to Love Doing Cheerleading Stunts and Motions

by omni

There are a lot of fun, amazing, physic-defying things that happen in cheerleading, and at the top of the awesome list is stunting! Over the years, cheerleading has morphed to include jaw-dropping moments that are far cries away from where the sport started, waving poms on the side of collegiate football games. Instead, cheer teams go full out in new and creative ways with every fresh routine that comes along, and stunts are starting to be more and more intricate. Some stunts remain classic though, so we put together lists for why each one is an oldie, but goodie. First up on the list of awesome stunts, the pyramid! What’s a cheer team without a big doggy pile of teammates? You can’t build a pyramid with only one person, so the pyramid stunt really brings your team together in the middle of any routine. Plus, there are so many ways to assemble one! With how much the crowd gets pumped for pyramids, we’ve made a list of 5 Reasons Why Doing Pyramids are AWESOME. Oh, and we decided to put GIFs to it, too! Conversely, some stunts you can pull off all by yourself. You might not think of scorpions as stunts, since they resemble more of a backwards heel stretch, but they are indeed considered a stunt! It takes a lot of dedication to thread that needle and really make your scorpion tight, so we have compiled 4 Reasons to Love Doing Cheerleading Scorpions‚ because it’s going to be a little frustrating at first, as you force your flexibility in a very unnatural way‚ Some stunts and jumps have history embedded right into them, and you perpetuate their tradition every time you do them in a routine. One such cheer historical jump is the Herkie, which is actually named after a real person! Even though it is only one jump (versus a long, complex tumble combination), Herkie jumps are harder than they appear. We reveal the Herkie’s long backstory in our article 4 Reasons to Love Doing Herkie Jumps. It’s never too late to learn more about your sport, and Lawrence Herkimer is one name to know! We, as Americans, live in a great country, and one of the main patriotic symbols of our freedom is the Statue of Liberty. Speaking of Lady Liberty, the liberty stunt really gets any audience going‚ with your flyer standing tall and proud atop a sturdy base group! What other stunt announces to the world more that you’re a cheerleader, and you are proud of it? In order to truly be a cheerleader for American teams and dreams, you have to be able to land a liberty. Well, just in case you need to be convinced, we assembled 4 Reasons to Love Doing a Liberty. There are many other stunts, tucks, and tumbles out there to love‚ these are just a few! As you consider your cheer goals for your next season, keep these jaw-dropping stunts in mind to really hammer them down! Is your favorite stunt, jump, or motion not on this list? Tell us what it is in the comments for next time!

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