Preparing for Tryouts: What should you be doing now?

by omni

The time leading up to cheer tryouts usually contains little to no cheerleading, especially if your season ended months ago. So there’s a good chance your skills could use some polishing before you put yourself in front of a panel of judges. Here are some things you can work on to start preparing now for tryouts. Stretching. One thing you should consider doing all year round is stretching. Staying consistent with a stretching routine at least once a day will ensure you don’t lose any of your flexibility during the off season. But if you’ve been slacking with your splits lately, it’s a good idea to start focusing on them now. You don’t want to show up to tryouts and pull a muscle because your body has been taking a break lately. Tumbling. If tumbling is part of the tryout score, now’s the time to start thinking about the pass you are going to throw. The minimum skill needed will depend on the team you are trying out for, so you may want to wait until you find out those details before committing to a certain skill. But for now, you can work on the skills you already have perfected. Was the competition three months ago the last time you did your standing back handspring? Chances are your body will need a few practices before it can perform like that again. So take some time to get it back in tumbling shape before the first day of tryouts. Motions. Having sharp motions is one of the most important things when it comes to cheer tryouts. Get in front of a mirror and practice your motions to make sure they are sharp! You’ll also want to pay attention to things like broken wrists, open fists, and incorrect placement. All of these are easy to fix but can cost you lots of points on your tryout score. If you are a returning cheerleader, you should have an idea of what will be expected of you at tryouts. Get a head start and start to polish those skills that you have probably been sitting on for the past few months. Do a couple of cheers or dances to get back into the rhythm. Your body will thank you, and you will be prepared to perform your best at tryouts.

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