Poll Results: When Is Prime Fundraising Season?

by omni

When does your team start fundraising for the season? That’s what we asked our readers last month, and the results are in! Check out all the results! It’s no surprise that most cheerleading teams fundraising all season – which translates as all year long! The cost of cheerleading can add up with regular fees plus the special training and events that are required. It shouldn’t be a problem though, cheerleaders, by their nature, are friendly and outgoing – so they can translate that spirit to their fundraising efforts! The second most popular response, with 25% of the vote, is the summer months. With camp season in full swing and the regular season just around the corner – it’s the right time to get the extra funds needed to cover uniform and gear costs. Rounding out our cheer poll were the Winter and Spring months, with a combined vote of almost 25%. That makes perfect sense to us since those are the busiest seasons for sideline and competitive cheer teams! Be sure to take part in our polls every month, and check back for the results!

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