Poll Results: What’s The Best Part Of Competitions?

by omni

As competition season approaches, we wanted this month’s poll to get everyone in the mood for the exciting element of cheer! We asked our readers what their favorite part about competitions is – from getting into uniform to traveling to pumping up the crowd. The results are in and we’re not surprised to see that nearly half said the best part is putting their talent and skills to the test. In a not-so-far-away second place was the answer “getting into full uniform with hair and makeup. The least popular choice was, surprisingly, getting the crowd excited. We think that may be because sports games and pep rallies are when cheerleaders focus on the crowd. During competitions, the focus is on the routine! The two other less popular answers were traveling and spending time with teammates. Traveling can be stressful, especially when everyone must take safety precautions, so the small amount of response makes sense!

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