Plan The Perfect Prom

by omni

Get all the prom tips from Cheerleading Blog by downloading the free Cheerleading Guide To Planning The Perfect Prom! Prom is just a few weeks away, and whether it’s your first or last time attending, the key to a fairy tale evening is in the planning. I may be lacking the official Fairy Godmother title, and that all-important wand, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help you make a truly magical memory! I hope you enjoy this four-week prom series! <3 Alexis You don't approach cheerleading at a sporting event or competition without a game plan, so why would you go to one of the most exciting nights of your life without one? Choreograph a prom worthy of a first place finish with these simple planning tips. Get on the list. Purchase your prom tickets as soon as possible. Many schools have a cut off date for ticket sales, and believe it or not, sometimes tickets sell out at larger schools. Purchasing early may get you special pricing, which could increase as the big event draws closer. Build your entourage. Who you are going to travel with will affect your plans and reservations, so your group should be confirmed around the time you purchase your tickets. Don't commit to spending the evening with anyone that makes you uncomfortable or may put you in danger. Party like a prom star. Prom day is going to be busy, but creating a schedule can help you master the timing of everything you need to do. When you plan your day, don't forget to put time aside for pre-prom dinner plans and photos (include any travel time also), and unless you want your dinner plans to include a drive-thru, make your reservations early. There is nothing worse than getting denied at the door. Arrive in style. Don't get stuck riding on your date's skateboard to prom. However you choose to arrive, confirm if you are going to share the ride with other couples and make arrangements several weeks before prom. Keep in mind the capacity of your vehicle; six to 10 people can fit in a limo, 15 to 30 in a van, and up to 50 in a luxury bus. Avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Be sure to make your appointment with a seamstress at least two weeks before prom. Bring the shoes you are wearing to prom, so the seamstress will know exactly what length to make the dress (if it is too short your whole look can be ruined, and if it is too long you could trip over it!). Other areas to check for a perfect fit are the dress' bust, straps and waist. Strategize to mesmerize. You should have your hair, nail and makeup appointments booked no later than six weeks before prom. Remember, salons are very busy during prom season, and you want to choose your time instead of getting stuck with what they have available. If you plan on tanning in a bed, you should start a month before prom. If you plan on getting a spray tan, you should start a few weeks before prom so your skin can adjust and develop the color. Don't forget! Make sure your date has ordered his tux and the flowers (if that is his responsibility) at least two weeks before prom. Got prom budgeting on your mind? Ease your worries with these money saving tips. Have your own words of wisdom when it comes to prom planning? We have a "comments' section for that!

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