Personlized Strength Training for Cheerleaders

by omni

Everyone’s bodies are different and we all have areas on our body that we want to tone up and slim down. This is especially true on a cheerleading squad where there are not only different shapes and sizes, but also radically different positions on any one given team. Bases will want to focus on arms, back and upper legs, flyers want to focus on core and ankles, and tumblers have to focus on shoulders, legs, and middle body strength. To stay fit as a cheerleader, it becomes very evident that personal strength training is not only important but mandatory. To make your life simpler, we’ve found an easy to use “exercise finder” at Divine Magazine. This cool application lets you click on different regions of the body and get a detailed description of muscles with in that area. Once you click on a core muscle group, it gives you a multitude of exercises with easy to follow instructions and descriptive pictures to help you sculpt, lift, and strengthen. Whether your a small or large cheerleading team, everyone can benefit from a personalized workout regiment. Check it out at

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