Pep Rallies: Show You’re Proud By Being Loud!

by omni

The pep rally: A united community. A roaring crowd. The smell of anticipated victory. An excuse to get out of class. A cheerleader’s stage. We all know that the stars of the big game are the players. But the stars of the pep rally? That’s the cheerleaders! And you know what, after weeks of intense planning, buzz-building and spirit-spreading, they deserve it! Check out the pep rally overview below if you are a cheerleader that is venturing in to your first pep rally this school year. If you are an old pro, but might need some help with fresh ideas, well you can just skip down to the tips section! The Tradition of Poms & Spirit-stance Pep rallies are usually held for a school’s football and basketball teams before a BIG game, like homecoming or a championship. Many times, the pep rally itself is open to the community and held during the school day, but pep rally activities can begin as early as 2 weeks before the game to help fire up the community. Activities include a themed “spirit week’ at school, bonfires, parades and dances. Cheerleaders, when not dressed in an outfit that goes with a spirit-week theme, should plan on wearing their uniforms, warm-ups and other cheer apparel all week! Pre Pep Rally Tips D-e-c-o-r-a-t-e everything and anything! The school hallways and lockers, your house and lawn, your car, your clothes and your body with glitter makeup! Typically the cheerleaders will have decided on a theme so it will be easy to get all the right materials and colors. Go above and beyond in supporting your team by participating in all of the activities, and also by spreading the word about them. Make sure everyone at your school and in your community knows about any theme days that are planned. Get your cheers ready! Use your school’s traditional chants, but don’t be afraid to make up some new ones too! Use characteristics about your school’s specific team players and coaches (funny cheers are good, but keep everything positive – remember you are in charge of raising spirits, not bringing them down!). Pep Rally Spirit Tips Use lots of visuals! From stunts and tumbling to colorful signs and posters, make it impossible for the crowd to ignore you! Use a familiar “repeat after us” chant to get the crowd involved, and also to prepare them to participate during the game. Get the players on the floor! Teach them a simple dance, and surprise the crowd by bringing them out to join the cheerleading team. It will be a riot to watch the school’s fiercest athletes “get low”! Everyone loves pie…especially when they get to throw it in someone’s face like one of the 3 Stooges! Use the pep rally to raise money for the school, or a community cause, by charging people for the chance to toss a pie in a teacher or coach’s face. Hold a contest, like guess how many poms, footballs or basketballs are in a container, and reward the closest guess with free entry to the big game, a school t-shirt or a concession stand voucher. Big Game Spirit Tips Make sure you have some school spirit items on hand at the game to sell to the crowd. Whether they forgot their accessories or the spirit of it all moves them, it’s a great way to make some extra cash for the school or team! A few ideas are t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, blankets and megaphones with the school name, logo and current year on them. Follow all of your normal, healthy routines for practice and competition days. It will be an exhausting day, and a late night. Those who are leading the crowd need to be genuine and passionate with their spirit! Check out the Complete Guide to Inspiring Spirit: Tips and Tricks for Cheerleaders!

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