Our September Reader of the Month is One Busy Bee!

by omni

Congratulations to Alina, who won our drawing for Reader of the Month! Alina is a gymnast based in New York. One of her special (and we’re sure crowd pleasing!) talents is that she’s double jointed. She can turn out her shoulders and turn her hips out much more than the average person. When she’s not at the gym tumbling, she’s busy helping and volunteering! Not only does Alina intern in the Fashion District, but she also assists her rhythmic gymnastics coaches and volunteers at the YMCA. Despite her busy schedule, she still has time to dream about Italy, where she hopes to visit because of the appealing culture, food, and people. Alina reads Cheerleading Blog a few times a week and her favorite article was our tips and advice for the veteran and older members welcoming freshmen and new members to the team. The article hit close to home and she said, “this was a problem on my team when I was a freshman so I’m glad that now we can properly welcome incoming freshmen!” Congrats to Alina again, an inspiring athlete and gymnast! She’ll be receiving a fun prize package for being our month’s winner. We are now accepting entries for next month’s Reader of the Month! Alina is getting a prize package from Chasse Cheer full of great cheer accessories this month. Next month it could be YOU! Learn how to enter to win next month’s prize!

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