Our December Reader of the Month Is a Sports-Loving Coach!

by omni

Congratulations to Betania, who is our Reader of the Month! Betania’s love of sports is proof that cheerleading and other sports are all connected. Betania works as a college cheerleading coach and, in her spare time, loves watching sports and cheering on the players. She loves watching sports so much (and showing her spirit and support!) that she dreams of traveling to Rio De Janiero in 2016 to watching the USA teams competing at the Olympics. As a reader of our blog, Betania’s favorite feature was when we announced the release of our magazine, CheerLiving. We hope she’s loving all the issues, since it’s free to digitally subscribe. We are now accepting entries for next month’s Reader of the Month! Betania is getting a prize package from Chasse Cheer full of great cheer accessories this month. Next month it could be YOU! Learn how to enter to win next month’s prize!

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