Our 4 Favorite New Cheer Accessories

by omni

Every cheerleader loves accessories – from bags to bows and ribbons! We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new cheer gear for 2015, so we were so excited when cheerleading apparel company Chasse released its spring products earlier this month. So excited, in fact, that we have to share our favorite finds with you! 1. One of the biggest trends we are seeing this year is glitter bags. They’re everywhere! They are the perfect bag for competitions since they pack some serious glam, but we have a hunch they are going to be huge on the sidelines this year, too. A glitter accessory is the perfect way to liven up a more traditional look without going overboard. The Chasse glitter bag set includes a backpack, duffle bag, tote, and makeup bag. 2. The top cheer bow trend of the 2015 season is patterns. With chevron, polka dots, and even disco ball print, bows are so much more than just big and shiny this year. These patterned bows are really drawing attention and becoming the focal point of cheer outfits, both at practice and performance time. 3. Our absolute favorite new product of this year is this new bow organization tool from Chasse. It’s appropriately called the BowPro‚Ñ¢, and it’s every cheerleader’s dream come true because it lets you keep track of and display all your hair bows. Each BowPro has 10 loops, and they come in different colors, so you can get them in multiple colors to keep up with your bow addiction. (Tip for fellow bow hoarders: All the new patterned bows also come in mini bow keychains. You’re welcome.) 4. Even cheer socks are all about that bow this year. Two of our favorites are the Bow and Dots Anklet and the Knee-High Bow Sock. Ankle socks are comfortable, but you usually can’t see any of the cute prints unless your shoes are off. That’s why we love this anklet that has a bow design peaking out of your shoes on the top. It’s so cute and comfortable, and it lets you show off your cheer spirit and pride. The knee-high socks make an even bigger statement, with “CHEER” written down the back and topped off with a big bow. We love these knee-high socks for practice and especially for wearing at fundraisers and pep rallies for a united and spirited team look. What are your favorite cheer accessories this season?

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