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by omni

Cheer season is in full swing and we all know what that means –NEW GEAR! We all love getting new clothes but cheer swag is an entirely different level of excitement. It is the start of cheer season and camp gear and warm ups are big ticket items right now. Anyone can buy a simple t-shirt and shorts but we’re cheerleaders, we like our clothes loud and proud, just like us. Here are some fun ways you can add some personalization to your cheer gear. Embroidery Embroidery is great, cost effective option for teams on a budget, and we do most of our embroidery in house which allows us to have a quick 3-4 week turn-around time. Omni Cheer offers a variety of in-stock embroidery design that we are continuously updating from year to year. We added 10 new designs to our catalog this year. Simply find a design you like and add in your own school or gym name and we will take care of the rest. Embroidery doesn’t stop there, you can be as creative or simple as you like. Consider leg designs for shorts or warm up pants, add mascot embroidery, like paw prints or Vikings, to the backs of shirts, on a sports bra, shorts or even bags. If you cannot find a design you like, create your own. Send Omni Cheer a copy of your own design and we will give you a competitive customization quote for your design. Cheerleaders, especially during competition, have to be uniform — judges can deduct points if your team does not match. But, matching uniforms and jackets can create a nightmare for a coach who is looking after 20+ cheerleaders — trying to figure out which jacket goes to what girl can be a nightmare. Not that you need another reason to love embroidery, but I am going to give you one. This year, Omni Cheer is bringing back the wildly-popular names embroidery promotion. With the purchase of 12 uniform sets, you will received the names embroidery for FREE! I love free, don’t you?! Yes, your girls need to look uniform but we all know cheerleaders like their individuality, too. Names embroidery is a great way for your team to be a team but always have the freedom to be themselves. Screen Print This is not you mom’s screen print; no pealing, no tearing, just sleek looking shirts and designs. It is cost effective and has a quick 3-to-4-week turnaround time. We offer 16+ premade designs to choose from. Simply add your school initials, mascot or team names into the existing design, choose from our available colors and you are ready to go. Omni Cheer offers an array of color options including glitter colors. You all know, we love some glitter around here! The only limitation on screen print, is the shirts must be 100% cotton. We do offer quite a selection of cottons tees, I am confident you will the perfect top for your team. Tackle Twill All cheerleaders are familiar with tackle twill. We have been in the cheerleading business for a long time and we have a large selection of tackle twill options. We are constantly updating and adding new fonts, layouts, design options and this year is no different. We have added 7 new tackle twill design options to our collections. We offer competitive pricing and a lightning quick 3-4 week turnaround time on tackle twill. We offer several different color options from your basic colors, to sequin, metallic and metallic foil. The best part about tackle twill is, it isn’t just for shell tops anymore. You can spruce up you warm up by adding tackle twill to the back of your warm up jackets. It adds a professional, sleek look to you warm ups that will make a lasting impression. Those judges will sure be able to see you walking in and will not forget your team names as you walk out! Sublimation Are you looking for something a bit more customizable? Sublimation is your one-stop shop for 100% customization. We offer sublimation uniforms, practice wear and warmups. Because sublimation is made from scratch using your own custom design, there is a 6-8 week turnaround time but it is worth the wait! Go on the sublimation design page to start creating your custom design. We have a large selection of premade images and designs available or you can add your own customized image (for an additional cost). Sublimation offers a sleek performance look that is sure to turn heads at your next competition. I always recommend ordering a fit kit for any warm ups or uniforms before ordering customization. By ordering a fit kit you know you will get the perfect fit the first time. All customized products are final sale. Graphic Tees and Tanks Don’t have time to wait for customization? Don’t worry about it! There are plenty of graphic tees and tanks available. My personal favorite is the MBT183 Chasse Cheer Sunset Graphic Tank Top. It is incredibly comfortable and perfect for the gym or on a hot day. I receive compliments on it every time I wear it. No matter what your styles is you will find a shirt that fits you. We offer tees and tank in sizes youth to adult sizes and camp packages are available year-round. The best part is these tees or tanks are in stock and ready to order! No matter what type of personalization your team needs, we have it! We have agents available by phone ready to help you with your order or you can place an order online through our interactive website.

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