Oops! Don’t Make this Team’s Mistake When Ordering Uniforms

by omni

The Harborfields High School football team was all set for a great new season with custom jerseys. One problem: the custom uniforms had a misspelling. Instead of reading, “Harborfields” across the center chest, it says, “Harborsfields.” According to the Athletic Director, the misspelling wasn’t caught until it was too late – the uniforms arrived on the day of the team’s first game. One player’s jersey didn’t even include his name on the back. To make matters worse, the team lost the game 14-6. While the manufacturer will be fixing the uniforms, no one knows if they will have them in time to use for the season. Team uniforms really complete the athlete’s look so we can imagine how bummed the team must be. This is an example of how important it is to order custom or personalized uniforms early! By waiting until the last minute, there’s a chance you won’t be able to fix an error. Remember, whether it’s the manufacturer’s fault or not, the cheerleaders are the ones who suffer when their uniforms either don’t fit correctly or the customization is incorrect. To help prevent errors, work closely with the cheer company from which you order. Double check all spellings before submitting your customization order. Remember, custom and personalized items take much longer to receive. You’ll need to order months ahead of time. If you’re getting new uniforms for next spring season, now is the time to order, or to at least plan what you will order. We hope the Harborfields football team gets their new uniforms before the end of the season and hopefully something like this doesn’t happen to your squad. News Source: Huntington Patch Share your tips! How early do you order your cheer gear? Does your team wear customized uniforms?

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