One of the Hardest Workers You’ll See at the Superbowl

by omni

The Superbowl is approaching and even non-football fans are preparing bean dip and heating up the BBQ for a Sunday celebration. While the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos football players have worked hard to make it to the Superbowl, it’s a cheerleader on the sidelines who is proving to be the hardest worker of them all. Alicia Quaco is a 25-year-old rookie Seahawks cheerleader (known as a Sea Gal) and a US Air Force first lieutenant. Her days are spent wearing two different uniforms – camouflage fatigues during the day and practice wear and pom poms at night (not to mention a cheer uniform on Sundays). Reported by the NY Post, Alicia said, “it’s a lot of costume changes. I don’t get to wear normal clothes very often. And I have hardly any free time.” This is her first year as a NFL cheerleader and it took a lot of convincing for her bosses to let her join the squad. “I told them it’s good for recruitment. It shows that the Air Force is well-rounded, that we can do other things, too. It’s great for women recruits to know that.” And it sure does. But not only does it show that the Air Force is well-rounded and that women can have careers in the military, it also shows that professional cheerleaders are well-rounded. Cheerleaders aren’t just defined by their role on the sideline; they’re also intelligent women making a difference in the world. Alicia also points out that her jobs – though at first glance seem quite the opposite of one another – actually share some similarities. “[In both jobs], there is a lot of standing in lines and doing the same thing as the person next you, working in unison as a team.” Keep an eye out for Alicia on the sidelines at the Superbowl! She’ll be cheering in the very cold New York weather on February 2. News Source: NY Post

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