Celebrating National Brother’s Day

by omni

Believe it or not, there’s a day designated to celebrate‚ (dramatic pause) Your brother. That’s right, the guy who spent your entire childhood teasing and annoying you to a pulp must be celebrated. We’re not sure who’s behind this one, but they definitely aren’t to be trusted. Realistically, it was probably just a brother who needed a new video game that was set to be released on May 24th. Any excuse for a gift, right? Since you might be struggling on this national holiday, here are some ultra-relatable reasons to “celebrate ” your brother and their impact on your life. They Help You Grow Whether you want to admit it or not, all of that constant annoyance helps you grow as a person. You learn to tolerate it and pick your battles, which at first isn’t easy. Soon enough, you know exactly what they’re doing just to grind your gears, and you learn not to give them the satisfaction of pure annoyance. This doesn’t come naturally, this is a straight-up skill, a skill you would never learn in school. You will be using this one in the future, trust us. They Protect You From Unwanted Harm Even if they weren’t there when you were put in an uncomfortable situation, they’re almost guaranteed to offer to hunt the offender down and do unspeakable things to them after the fact. Rarely we take them up on this offer, but it’s nice to know you always have the option. If they were there when the offense took place‚ best of luck to everyone involved. They’ve Got Your Back You probably would not have made it out of those family functions alive without them. When your aunt won’t stop pestering you about what you’re going to do with your life, they’re sure to come steal you and pull you aside for an ultra-competitive game of Uno. (Who’s winning now, Aunt Sherry?!) They Help You Let Loose (Even When You Don’t Want To) When you’re grumpy from hours in the car on family vacations, or even just having an off-day at home, your brother is sure to liven you up when you need it the most. Though they’ll most likely just make fun of you for your unwarranted mood, it will end in you realizing that you have nothing to be upset about‚ you just need some entertainment! Brothers are great for that. If your brother is anything like mine, he’ll probably get down with some silly dance moves to perk you up. Maybe he’ll even grab your pom-poms and put on a show. (Hint: you are the car, and he is the dancing man. Why is he always so happy?!) Annoying as they can be, there are a lot of perks to having a brother. Not only are they an extremely entertaining addition to the family, you’ll learn to interact with guys that much better in the future. You’re a pretty lucky sibling, I guess. If you forgot to give him that new video game, this blog is the perfect stand-in until you can give him a proper noogie‚ I mean card. Happy National Brother’s Day! Images: Giphy

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