October Cheer News You May Have Missed

by omni

Didn’t have a chance to read all of our articles from this month? No biggie! Every month is a big month for cheerleading news but we rounded up a few of our top stories and topics that are must-reads for the month. This month we dove into everything about cheer competitions, as well as many other topics: In honor of competition season, we took a look at the various factors of competitions, including the judges, audience, and more. But if you only have time for one article, you’ll definitely want to check out our overview of cheer competitions – a perfect introduction for newbies and a great refresher for the experienced. Previously, we’ve discussed common cheer myths and how to bust them. This month, we returned to cover four new stereotypes that just aren’t true about cheerleading. Read up on all of them and find out how to prove the stereotypes wrong. Two new episodes of CheerLiving’s show were released! Check out the latest one, which focuses on fundraising tips. We share a lot of stories about the amazing actions of cheerleaders and the many ways they help their community. We rounded up a few of our favorites to share how cheerleaders everywhere are making a difference. This season, cheerleaders are deep in competitive mode, whether it’s at a football game or cheer competition. This can exacerbate rivalries you may have with a teammate, rival team, or rival school. Download our free new eBook all about rivalries and how to handle them. What is your favorite piece of news from this month?

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