Now THIS is a Team!

by omni

A video of a basketball team lifting one of their teammates to make a slam dunk has gone viral, and for good reason; it’s the epitome of being a team. At Lawrence Academy, a high school in Massachusetts, senior student and basketball team manager Joey Mullaney is part of the team but has never been able to play a single game, due to Friedreich’s Ataxia, a rare neurological disease that damages the nervous system. However, just because he’s never been able to suit up and score during a game, doesn’t mean his fellow teammates consider him any less a part of the team. During the final home game of the season, the team lifted Joey and let him make a slam dunk. Even the rival team patted him on the back afterwards, cheering him on. Joey’s brother, Sean, posted a video of the touching moment on Youtube and, in just two days, the video hit 10,000 views. While this may be about a basketball team, this story resonates with all athletic teams, including cheerleading squads. This story is an example of what it means to be on a team! Being on a team means looking out for your fellow teammates and treating them like brothers or sisters. Beyond that, though, it means being a community, even with your rivals, when the situation calls for it. What do you think is the definition of teamwork? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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