November Poll Results: What’s your favorite part of competitions?

by omni

It’s officially competition season and everything that you’ve worked so hard for is within sight. You’ve practiced your routine a countless number of times, and now you’re ready to hit the mat and show those competition judges what you’re made of. Competitions definitely allow a lot of emotions to come to the surface: nervousness, fear, love, confidence, or just plain being stoked. With all the exciting thrills that come along with competitions, we wanted to know which things were your all-time favorites in our November poll. We asked, you voted, now here are the results! Like many of our polls, the answers were equally divided, but the number one response was finally being able to perform your routine. The moment has finally come to not only be stunning on the mat, but cheer your heart out‚ making all those long conditioning practices finally worth it! For two minutes and thirty seconds, you’re the star of the house with all eyes on you and your teammates. The second most popular answer was traveling with your teammates. There’s nothing like bonding with your cheer peers, and being on a bus for a long period of time is a great way to catch up with each other before you make your big competition entrance. If you’re traveling across the country for a competition, there are many fun games to play to with your teammates to pass the time and before you know it, you’ll be pulling into the competition parking lot! Competition adrenaline rushes came in as a close third answer to traveling, and that is of no surprise! Just like boarding a rollercoaster, you step onto the mat with your heart pounding, your determination high. You commit 110% to your routine as you tumble, jump, and fly through the air. There’s no other feeling of pure accomplishment like nailing your routine under pressure, which is why cheerleading can become addicting for life. Although some cheerleaders answered that doing hair and makeup for competitions is their favorite, it was the least popular of the choices. Hair and makeup is hard to perfect, but who doesn’t love glitter? Competitions are all about big hair and big bows, so even though it may not be at the top of the favorites list, it still is fun to get all dolled up for a day! See the full results below and be sure to check back next month to vote in our December poll. Were you surprised by the results? Do you have a favorite part of competitions that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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