November Cheer News You May Have Missed

by omni

Didn’t have a chance to read all of our articles from this month? No biggie! Every month is a big month for cheerleading news but we rounded up a few of our top stories and topics that are must-reads from the past month. November marked the start of the holiday season and we covered a bunch of fun news: To get in the spirit of the season, we shared ideas and tips on how cheerleaders and squads can give back to the community. There are countless ways, whether you want to incorporate a fundraiser or do something festive depending on the time of year. As we were in competition mode, we provided advice on how to pack like a pro! We talked about the necessities every bag should include and a few of our top bag picks for carrying everything! Lisa L. Fan, a former college cheerleader, shared a wonderful essay on how she joined cheer and how it changed her opinions on the sport. This essay is a must-read! Two new episodes of the CheerLiving show were released and you won’t want to miss them! Episode 6 is all about cheering in the cold weather and how to stay warm and healthy. It’s a must-watch during the winter. A story that really got our readers talking was the story of a youth cheer squad that was banned from a competition after recording an impromptu routine performance at a BBQ. You’ll want to read all the details on this story! What was your favorite piece of news from the month?

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