Nothing Can Stop This Cheerleader From Cheering (VIDEO)

by omni

In Newfield, New Jersey, Morgan Leaf is a 4’8″ cheerleader who has proved her dedication to her sport. The senior at Our Lady of Mercy Academy is not your average All Star Level 5 cheerleader; she’s also battling a seizure disorder. A member of Jersey Pride, Morgan was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy two years ago after having two grand mal seizures. That didn’t stop her from cheering. Since then, she controls the disorder with medication and regular doctor appointments. Though battling a potentially life-threatening disorder, Morgan has thrived as an All Star cheerleader and is even being recruited by colleges for acro tumbling, a newer but fast-developing sport that combines gymnastics and cheerleading. While Morgan’s been recruited by colleges from across the country, she intends to stay close to home in New Jersey, in case of any seizures or medical issues. Watch a video below with Morgan talking about acro tumbling: News Source: Courier-Post

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