NFL Cheerleading: Hard Work For Little Pay

by omni

When we think of NFL cheerleading, we think of glamour. But NFL cheerleaders will tell you otherwise. CNN has shared the true story of NFL cheerleading, as told by NFL cheerleaders. First, what are the perks? NFL cheerleaders say the biggest perks are the travel, exciting destinations, and incredible friendships. And, of course, there’s the fact that they get to do what they love: cheer. However, you can’t make a career out of being a NFL cheerleader. What most people may be most surprised to hear is that NFL cheerleaders’ paychecks are close to nothing. The highest paid cheerleaders are the Dallas Cowgirls, who receive $150 per game and occasional pay for outside appearances. That’s right; $150 tops for practicing several hours a week and performing weekly at games for the season. Many of the interviewed NFL cheerleaders confirm that it’s difficult to have a social life when your days are filled with work or cheer practice. “To be able to maintain a personal life along with this, you have to be really strong willed and have a support system outside of this,” said Redskins cheerleader Brianne, reported by 14 News. Emerald Stewart, who was a Redskins cheerleader for three years, shared, “The pay versus what we put into it does not balance out to be very candid.” But, she does add that you can’t put a price tag on the experience. During her time as a Redskins cheerleader, she traveled to six continents and had incredible opportunities she wouldn’t have had otherwise. Perhaps Brianne sums it up best: “There’s a saying that I love to put with this. From the outside looking in, you can never understand. From the inside looking out, you can never explain.” We want to know what you think. Should NFL cheerleaders be paid more? Or is the experience worth the low pay? News Source: CNN via 14 News

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