NFL Cheerleaders Host Clinic For Young Cheerleaders

by omni

Possibly our favorite thing about NFL cheerleaders is their participation in the community. As part of the NFL, they have the platform to make a difference and show everyone what it means to be a cheerleader (spoiler alert: it’s more than pom pom waves!). This time, the inspiring cheerleaders in action are the Philadelphia Eagles. Every year, they host a Junior Cheerleading Clinic for cheerleaders and aspiring cheerleaders between the ages of 5 and 13 years old. The Eagles director of cheerleading (and former Eagles cheerleader), Barbara Zaun, told, “We wanted to put together a clinic that’s affordable for families. This way it gives children who are not involved with a cheer team in their community or on a school team to be a cheerleader for a day.” The clinic is just $65 and lasts for one day. The ticket price includes a set of poms, customized bracelet and lanyard, a poster of the Eagles cheerleading squad, and a photo taken with the Eagles cheerleaders. At the clinic, the young cheerleaders learn a cheer sequence and a dance sequence. Each group (broken up by age) performs their dance on the sidelines of the football field in front of friends and family. Barbara explains that, by performing, the young cheerleaders can build confidence and self-esteem. One of the Eagles cheerleaders (and senior captain) leading the clinic attended the Junior Cheerleading Clinic herself when she was 8 years old. Now 28, she’s been on the Eagles cheer squad for several years. She knows from experience the value of attending the clinic. Have you ever attended a clinic for cheerleading? Do you want to be an NFL cheerleader? Share with us below! News Source:

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