New Fitness Trend: Cheerleading Meets Aerobics? (VIDEO)

by omni

I’ll admit it. I let you down when I last discussed this year’s hottest new fitness trends because I left one — perhaps the very best — completely off the list. Confession: this fitness trend completely slipped under my radar but I’m happy to have discovered it now so I can share it with you. Cheerleading may still not be considered an official sport, but it’s not being hailed as an excellent health benefit and a great way to stay in shape. Taking the fitness world by storm is Cheerobics, an aerobics-meets-cheerleading workout with the very apropos tagline, “Be fit, be a cheerleader.” Cheerobics explains the many benefits of cheerleading on its website and, what we love most, defends cheerleading as an activity that is so much more than just waving pom poms in the air. To celebrate the fun and exhilarating cheer workout, Cheerobics offers classes and DVDs, so you can work on your Cheerobics with the support of others or in the comfort of your own living room. We think this would be great for cheer parents to enjoy! (In fact, one cheer mom became a Cheerobics instructor and appeared on Good Morning Texas news). Or, even as a supplemental workout for cheerleaders dedicated to their fitness. We would much rather take a Cheerobics class than run on a boring treadmill. Though Cheerobics was created across the pond in the UK, the trend has caught on in the US and was even featured on the Dr. Oz show. Check out the video below: For someone like me, who hates mundane workouts at the gym and prefers something fun, Cheerobics sounds like a workout I definitely need to try. To find out more about Cheerobics, including its classes and DVDs, visit What do you think about Cheerobics? Will you give it a try? Do you think this would be a great workout for cheer parents? Comment below!

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