New Cheer Gear + Your Favorite Cheerleaders = a Must-See!

by omni

Chasse, a favorite cheer apparel brand for many, has been very busy these days! A couple months ago, it launched a Youth Leaders Fund program, which offers grants to youth squads in need. Now, it has released its new 2014 collection of apparel and a brand new revamped website that’s totally awesome. Their website received a major makeover (check it out here!) and the updated one features its new items and fan-favorite All Star cheerleaders, including Chasse spokesmodels Maddie Gardner and Elle Smith, and a few of the Superstars of All-Stars, Jennifer Burke, Dee Temples, and Taylor Minchew. Head on over to their website to get a first look at their amazing new items. We love their new performance bows and their new practice wear looks so comfortable and stylish. Visit

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