Mythbusted: Cheerleaders Only Date Football Players

by omni

While it is true that you often see football players and cheerleaders dating at the high school and college level – and even some adorable on-the-field proposals! – it isn’t fair to say that cheerleaders only date football players. Here’s my take on this myth: 1.) Cheerleaders are on the sidelines for other sports as well! They do date football players, but they also date other sports athletes! Think of it in Hollywood terms – actors like to date actors because they “get it”. They understand the demands, the pressure, the commitment. It’s the same for athletes! A committed athlete will have to date someone that understands that social sacrifices that will have to be made. Don’t think that this means that cheerleaders don’t date non-athletes though! 2.) It isn’t just athletes that understand the pressures to succeed. A person that is studying hard to get into college, or that is taking a full load of classes in college, will understand a cheerleader’s dedication to practice and conditioning. 3.) Though cheerleading is considered a female sport, there are actually a lot of male cheerleaders. Since a co-ed cheer squad spends so much of their time together, it is more likely for a cheerleader to be dating one of their male teammates than to be dating a football player! 4.) Often times, the demands of a cheerleading squad can take up so much time that cheerleaders don’t even have time to date! 5.) Cheerleaders have a (completely wrong!) reputation of being ditzy arm-candy (we’ll bust this myth later this month!) for football players. The truth is that cheerleaders at the high school and college level need to maintain a minimum GPA in order to stay on the squad, so they absolutely focus on their education. Cheerleaders have dreams of being mathematicians, businesswomen, teachers, scientists and more – which means they are exposed to all types of people, not just football players and athletes. Do you hear people say that cheerleaders only date football players? What’s your take on this subject? Leave us a comment!

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