Move to the Beat! The Core of Choreography

by omni

You can add some serious energy to your performance with choreography. Even adding a few simple moves to your cheers can boost the audience’s spirit. By combining fun moves with traditional cheers at games can impress the crowd and encourages them to cheer, shout and get up and move with you. Add a few pom pom shakes and you’ll rock the stadium! Ultimately, it’s up to the coach and captain to decide on choreography and, unless they hire a choreographer (which can be expensive!), they’ll be the ones creating the routine and teaching it to the rest of the squad. When you set out to choreograph, first decide if you will cheer while dancing or if you would rather music playing. This will predominantly depend on where you’re performing and whether or not music is allowed or has a way to play loud enough. If you do decide to incorporate music into your routine, make sure it has a catchy rhythm and repetitive beat that will be easy for the audience to follow. The simpler it is, the more likely the crowd will pick up on the tempo and follow along. All choreography must match the speed of the music so don’t choose anything too fast or too slow. While you may use music at half-time performances, pep rallies, and competitions, you won’t be using music during games when you’re cheering on the sidelines. This is when your choreography should rely on your catchy cheers and chants. If you add more advanced moves to your choreography, you may want to simplify your cheer. Cut it down to a basic chant that can be repeated. Then, coordinate sharp arm movements with pom poms with dance moves that are also sharp and succinct. Remember, the key to a successful choreographed routine is synchronization. All cheerleaders should hit their moves and motions at the exact same time to have the desired impact. Your squad will look better performing simple moves in sync with one another than hitting advanced moves at the wrong times. Finally, always utilize the 8-count method with your choreography. This is especially important in the beginning, as everyone must start at the exact same moment. Many times, the captain or a squad member will count off “5-6-7-8!” so everyone knows when to start. This is the simplest way to ensure a smooth routine without any confusion. Do you choreograph for your squad? What are your tips for cheer choreography?

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