Modern Cheer Issues and Controversies

by omni

Cheerleading has changed over the course of the last hundred some years since its invention, and still continues to evolve today. From cheering at college football games in the late 1800s to the global recognition cheerleading receives today, you better believe that cheerleading has not finished its complete metamorphosis! After all of this progress, however, there are still a lot of large issues and controversies wrapped up in the sport. Like, should it even be labeled a sport? Most of you probably just gasped, thinking to yourself in anger “of course it should! ” You know‚ as a cheerleader or a coach‚ that cheering is a rigorous and demanding sport that requires precise skill and unrelenting athleticism, but not everyone in the country necessarily feels this way. Here are both sides of the ongoing debate. With televised competitions and professional sports teams hosting cheer squads, hundreds of cheerleaders have escalated to star status as a result. Yet, are the right messages being broadcasted to young cheerleaders who look up to these rising stars? Cheer celebs may be great publicity for the industry, but is celebrity status actually hurting cheerleading? Like most sports, cheerleading costs a pretty penny‚ not only to join, but to upkeep! Between team fees, cheer gear, and competitions, you can end up spending a fortune if you’re not careful researching what inexpensive options you have at your disposal. These steep costs might even dissuade potential cheerleaders from joining a team, so take a look into what we think about the costs of cheerleading. As I mentioned above, cheerleading has morphed from what it used to be (an all-men’s activity) to the competitive and fierce coed sport it is today. After all the major breakthroughs, the general view of cheerleading is still of women waving pom poms for football players on the sidelines‚ something completely inaccurate! Here is what we think of the traditional and outdated roles embedded in cheerleading. What’s your opinion on these issues? Have you had to overcome any other obstacles in cheerleading that need to be addressed? Let us know in the comments below.

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