Meet Megan: NFL Cheerleader and Army Veteran (VIDEO)

by omni

Megan Welter isn’t just a NFL cheerleader or an Army veteran. She’s both. The 28-year-old Arizona Cardinals cheerleader hasn’t always been performing in a cheer uniform. She was also in fatigues while in the United States Army, serving as a platoon leader in Iraq. Welter has been dancing since she was three and competing since she was nine. She danced through high school and in college on the school team. But when she graduated, she hung up her dancing shoes and decided she wanted a meaningful experience. That led her to join the Army. After completing her training, she went on to train to become an officer. She rose through the ranks as a second lieutenant and finally a platoon leader who led a team in Iraq at just 23 years old. The military is nothing new for Welter. Her father and grandfather were both in the military. She knew that by becoming a leader, she’d be sent to Iraq, where she determined to go, believing it was the right thing to do. During her 16 months in Iraq, an NFL team and cheerleaders visited to entertain the troops. Inspired by what she saw, Welter quickly knew what she next wanted to do. In 2011, three seasons after she returned home (and seven years after she last danced), she tried out for the Cardinals and made the team! Welter is the oldest woman on the team but that doesn’t intimidate her at all. She told ABC 15 that “it’s just been such an amazing experience, and to be at this age and still be able to do this.” Welter’s Sundays are spent cheering at games and other days in the week are reserved for practice. But when she’s not cheering, she’s involved with the Army as a reservist. Watch the video to learn more about this inspiring cheerleader! News Source: Yahoo! Shine What do you think about this story? Are you inspired by Megan?

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